Digital Banking Unit Solutions

Digital Banking Unit Solutions

Enhance customer experience with advanced banking technologies.

Enhance customer experience with advanced banking technologies.

Enabling a wide range of banking facilities with Digital Banking Unit Solutions

From customer onboarding to customer servicing, our end-to-end Digital Banking Unit (DBU) solutions, enable banks to offer top-of-the-line services to their customers in line with changing customer expectations. With a wide range of banking facilities and omnichannel capability, our services drive banking transactions while offering a seamless and differentiated customer experience. 

There is also an option of having uniform UI/UX on all hardware devices deployed in DBU using a low code middleware platform that is already integrated with the different hardware devices and can be seamlessly integrated with the back-office system of banks using open APIs to manage customer experience and add/remove transactions on the devices with just configuration changes.

ATM services including
cash deposit facility

Tab / mobile banking for
account opening and more

Multifunctional kiosk
with a range of facilities

Customer servicing &
grievance redressal

Offering the latest in banking technologies with customer friendly UI/UX

ATMs/Cash Recycling Machines
Tab / Mobile Banking
Multifunctional kiosk
Smart queue management
Customer servicing and grievance redressal

Offer a wide range of banking services including 24 X 7 cash deposit services.

Along with new account opening, fund transfer, loan application, Government schemes, e-KYC, etc., banks can also cross-sell various financial products.

In addition to the services mentioned, banks can provide cheque deposit and passbook printing facility to customers.

Reduce customer wait times by issuing customer token numbers and intelligent management of customer service requests.

Get customer queries resolved and grievances addressed through live chat with bank representative.

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