Cash Recycling Machines

Cash Recycling Machines

Make ATM operations more efficient and smarter.

Make ATM operations more efficient and smarter.

Drive operational efficiency and reduce costs

For financial institutions, the cost of handling cash represents a significant part of ATM operating costs. With an effective cash management strategy in place, financial institutions can not only reduce costs but drive operational efficiency, enhance customer service and gain a competitive edge.

Here is where Cash Recycling and Automation Technology comes into play. Automating cash deposits with the help of innovative technology enables financial institutions to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of ATM network while offering customers a range of benefits elevating customer experience. As a pioneer of this technology in India, top banks use Hitachi Payments for the management of its cash needs by the deployment of Hitachi CRMs.

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Key Features


Reliable and secure transactions

Equipped with an anti-skimming card slot, encrypted PIN pad, and high resolution cameras, it provides high-security environment for both users and operators. New note validation and handling technologies with serial no. recognition system minimizes the risk of counterfeit while ensuring safe transactions.

Precise, high speed and large capacity

Large capacity cassettes are capable of precise and high speed processing for the most streamlined operation. Max 13,850 notes. Top class in industry.

Reduced TCO

With reduced energy consumption and a smaller footprint that enables space saving, Hitachi Cash Recycling Machines help optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of ATM network.

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