E-surveillance Solutions

E-surveillance Solutions

Provide a highly secure environment promoting customer trust and satisfaction

Empowering Citizens through improved payment infrastructure.

Comprehensive security for ATM and branch assets

ATM / branch frauds and thefts are increasingly becoming a major concern for financial institutions. By deploying the latest security solutions, financial institutions can safeguard ATM networks and branches while enhancing reputation and credibility.

Hitachi Payments’ End-to-End E-Surveillance solution provides comprehensive security for ATM and branch assets, thus providing a secure environment for customers and employees. The highly effective solution integrates advanced remote monitoring technology with video-based intelligence and nationwide service capabilities to deter theft and fraud, enable quick response and support for investigations.

Combat frauds with Next-Gen E-surveillance technology

Effective Incident Management
Intelligent Alarm Management
Centralised command centre
Energy Management
Cloud Based Service
Advanced Analytics

Nationwide field teams, facilities and quick response teams enable faster and timely incident management. Comprehensive control, administration and reporting of incidents.

Real-time alarm receiving software with alarm stacking, queuing and management with alarm priorities enable real-time response and better handling of incidents.

Provides centralised management capability with greater visibility, immediate control and enhanced security for networks. Live 24X7 ATM/Branch surveillance and intelligent alarm systems and two-way audio deterrence systems enable theft and fraud prevention.

Effective management of energy utilisation through remote monitoring. Optimised energy usage thereby reducing energy expenditure and overall operational costs. Also monitoring of temperature and humidity for comprehensive environmental parameter upkeep.

Cloud based service enhances network visibility, monitoring of asset health as well as identifying and rectifying of vulnerabilities while optimising overall system performance.

Management dashboards and reports provide insight and critical intelligence for the network including overall system health, site upkeep, field audit, etc.

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