Introducing UPI ATM on Android Platform

Introducing UPI ATM on Android Platform

Offering secure card-less cash withdrawal

Offering secure card-less cash withdrawal

India's first UPI ATM on Android platform

Hitachi Payments’ pioneering UPI ATM is built on Android OS and empowers any bank customer to experience the convenience of QR-based UPI cash withdrawals. This innovative solution redefines the way we access cash with a single touch transaction while significantly enhancing customer security by eliminating the need for physical cards. It acts as a bridge – effortlessly connecting the digital world with the convenience of cash, empowering both customers and businesses alike.

Discover the future of banking services with UPI ATM on Android – where innovation and
cutting edge technology meets unparalleled convenience.

Offering ‘First-of-its-kind’ features

Innovative design

One-touch experience

Reliable & durable

Energy efficient

Opens up new business avenues

UPI ATM on android platform enables
solutions in line with evolving technology


Ease in launching new features

Faster development enabling quicker go to market., No dependence on legacy processing systems and integration on modern technology stack.

Flexibility in 3rd party integration

Flexibility to introduce cross selling at much faster pace than conventional ATM. It also allows use case specific development and deployment of ATMs, opening up new opportunities to increase footprint at much lesser cost.

Lower cost as compared to existing OS

Smaller hardware footprint, lower cost on development, remote management and updates, as well as adaptable open source OS.

Ease of management

ATM becomes a thin client enabling easy remote management. Offers intuitive UI and resizable widgets.

UPI ATM – Transforming banking services

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