Integrated POS Solutions

Integrated POS Solutions

Provide seamless payment services, optimize costs & streamline operations.

Provide seamless payment services, optimize costs & streamline operations.

Secure. Cohesive. Scalable

In today’s digital era, customers have a plethora of choices and businesses need to offer a differentiated customer experience to retain customers, while reducing costs and increasing margins with the help of intelligent solutions. With integrated POS solutions, businesses can uplift business competency and customer satisfaction.

Hitachi Payments’ integrated POS solutions powered by unique features help streamline the payment process. With seamless integration to ERP/Core systems, its solutions for large retail merchants and government entities help deliver the ease of digital payments to customers while offering valuable long term benefits, better control and visibility over operations.

Traffic police

Integrated POS for
large retail stores

Digital payments
for electricity bill

End-to-end services

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Advanced digital
payment platform

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Information security
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In-house capability
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