Toll & Transit Solutions

Toll & Transit Solutions

Transform mobility with high performing and progressive payment solutions.

Transform mobility with high performing and progressive payment solutions.

Holistic. State-of-the-art. Extremely Compatible

India is witnessing unprecedented urban development thanks to a burgeoning economy and enhanced socio-economic environment. At the same time, with an expanding populace and increasing pace of urban living, the cities in India require better and smarter urban mobility solutions.

Hitachi Payments’ innovative toll & transit solutions create a new experience in travel, helping commuters save time and make digital payments in a secure and convenient manner while enabling transport operators to optimize costs and offer a superior commuting experience.

Comprehensive Electronic
Toll Solution

A solution for better management of FASTag payments and seamless transactions.

Innovative Transit Solutions
(metros, buses and parking)

A solution for enhanced commuter experience, operational efficiency and increased revenues.

Amongst India’s first open-loop
card based ticketing service
executed based on qSPARC 2.0
(NCMC Standards).

First to go live with ICD 2.5
for E-toll in India.

Dynamic electronic toll
collection system for
Maharashtra Samruddhi

NCMC issuance

Comprehensive Services

Centralised operations
Fraud & risk management
Violation Management (For E-Toll)
Reconciliation & Settlement services
Transaction Processing

24 X 7, 365 days helpdesk support leveraging technology-led service platform for smooth and uninterrupted services.

Covering transaction risk & merchant risk, our holistic & customisable solution comes with prebuilt risk rules based on industry expertise.

Toll violation management process that enables timely data for effective action.

Customisable dashboards provide data-led insights for better managing passenger behaviour and profitability.

Robust processes enable reliable reconciliation and settlement services for efficient dispute management and timely compliance.

Robust transaction processing services with industry-best success rates and uptimes.

Why Us?

Cutting edge digital
payment platform

Information security
and compliances

24x7 service

Fully automated
back office