Back Office Services

Back Office Services

Technology-led back office services for enhanced customer experience.

Technology-led back office services for enhanced customer experience.

Reduce fraud risk, enhance business intelligence & ensure timely compliance

What happens behind the scenes of a payment transaction is just as crucial as what happens in front of the consumer. If back-office related tasks are not managed efficiently and flawlessly, there is a high risk of delays and compliance related issues that can prove costly.

Hitachi Payments’ uses best-in-class tools to ensure smooth end-to-end processing, with an emphasis on removing bottlenecks and pain points. Including reconciliation & settlement services, fraud and risk management and analytics, its back-office services drives operational efficiency, reduces costs and enhances customer experience.

Reconciliation & Settlement services
Fraud & Risk Management
Advanced analytics

Robust processes enable reliable reconciliation and settlement services for efficient dispute management and timely compliance.

Covering transaction risk & merchant risk, our holistic & customisable solution comes with prebuilt risk rules based on industry expertise.

Our advanced analytics help better manage business profitability. Customisable dashboards enable easy access and interpretation of critical data for decision making.

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Information security
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automation with AI

In-house capabilities
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Fully automated
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