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Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.

POS Solutions

As a leading digital payment solutions provider, Hitachi Payment Services offers a diverse range of POS solutions to leading banks and aggregators. The suite of services and solutions in POS includes traditional merchant POS/MPOS solutions, integrated POS solutions and value added services that enable you to provide top-of-the-line digital payment solutions to merchants and their end customers.

We consider security of transactions and data to regulatory and card scheme guidelines to be of paramount importance. Our PCI-DSS compliant switch has the capability of processing high volumes through our hosted datacentre and helps drive innovation in transaction processing that enhance customer experiences.

The in-house developed switching platform is device and communication agnostic and is capable of driving several initiatives of Digital India such as Bharat QR and UPI, which further powers customer convenience. Further our POS solutions including the Switch are flexible and scalable to enhance its features quickly while maintaining its quality of delivery.

At Hitachi Payment Services, we provide an end-to-end, out-of-the-box POS solutions that include merchant on boarding & management, merchant & transaction risk management, analytics, settlement & reconciliation services, asset management services, value added services and field services to kick-start your business in the shortest possible time.

Our services are organized into 3 main categories which simply put makes us

  • A National Deployer, which means we can deploy POS for you across the country.
  • A Service Provider‚ which means we can provide you services which are not core to your banking business but essential for the management of the POS network.
  • A Transaction Processor‚ which means we can provide you technology solutions to connect POS to a switch‚ connect to national and international networks and provide you with back-office tools for management of the network.

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