Sumil Vikamsey

Managing Director &
Chief Executive Officer - Cash Business

Sumil Vikamsey (Sumil) is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer – Cash Business of Hitachi Payment Services.

A leader with close to 25 years of rich experience, Sumil has an illustrious track record. He joined Hitachi Payment Services in early 2010 and since then has held leadership positions across Business Finance, WLA Programme, Business Strategy, Sourcing & Analytics and most recently has been the Chief Executive Officer – Cash Business. Under his leadership, the company has further strengthened its position in the payments industry, having successfully implemented a number of strategic initiatives.

A visionary leader with a unique combination of customer focus and people-centricity, Sumil’s deep understanding of the payments domain and varied experience brings agility and versatility while inspiring teams to achieve positive change and growth.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Sumil has held a range of corporate leadership roles at reputed organizations such as SAP India, J.P.Morgan and Euronet prior to his career at Hitachi Payment Services.