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Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

The work ethos at Hitachi Payment Services

We have a performance driven & open culture that provides immense opportunities in a rapidly growing industry. We have a comprehensive road map for not only attracting and retaining talented employees, but also for motivating and engaging them to achieve a higher level of performance. Employee retention is a core element of our talent management strategy and organizational development process.

As an organization, we are committed to ensure that the recruitment and selection of all employees are done in a fair, open and transparent manner. Positions are offered based on competency and potential. We realize that it is important for both the organization and the employee to know what they want out of a role for both to be successful.

Key practices

Induction – Enables new employees to become familiar with the company, job and the people with whom they will be working. The need for good interpersonal skills and the ability to nurture and develop team members are skills we lay high emphasis upon, especially for budding managers.

Surveys – Periodic formal and informal surveys help measure employee’s job satisfaction and individual needs. The results allow managers to anticipate issues in advance and take corrective steps.

Performance Reviews – Reviews capture critical information such as key achievements, training needs, job performance and helps managers and employees to arrive at a development plan as well as enables them to set goals for the ensuing period.

Compensation Program – is externally competitive, internally equitable and promotes retention of good performers as well as encourages exceptional performance.

Recognition programs – is a means of acknowledging employees for sustained outstanding performance/service and provides incentives to continue providing outstanding performance/service.

Why work at Hitachi Payment Services

  • The challenge of being at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Be part of a young and energetic environment.
  • Be part of a growth oriented and rapidly growing business and work with the leader in the payment services industry
  • Work alongside some of the veterans in the payment industry.
  • Freedom to initiate and realize goals and reap the benefits.