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Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Welcome to Hitachi Payment Services. We are a team of highly dedicated individuals with a passion for providing best in class payment services and a commitment to excellence. Our team consists of industry experts who have architected and built, innovative and secure payment platforms that have contributed to the rapid growth of electronic payment channels in the country. Founded in 2008, we have seen steady growth with currently over 45,000 ATMs, 9,00,000 POS devices (including Mobile POS) & 13,000 CRMs under management. With over 50 satisfied banks serviced by us, we are the leading payment services company in India.

We provide innovative, cost effective and comprehensive payment services through our multiple lines of businesses i.e. Banking Automation Products, ATM Services, Point of Sale Services (POS) and Emerging Payments Services.

Our Registered Office is located in Chennai, India and Central Operations Centre is located at Chennai and Gurgaon, India, each that works as a Business Continuity Centre to the other. Operationally Headquartered in Mumbai, India, our team consists of over 1300 employees spread over 12 offices across the country. As Hitachi Payment Services, we are part of the Financial Channel Solutions and Payment Services Division, a division of the Information & Telecommunications Systems Company and will lead Hitachi’s global objectives into the payments space.

ATM Services – Bank & White Label

We provide customized technology and service led solutions for building ATM networks for banks and non-banks. This includes new ATM deployment and Management services for existing ATM networks .With our unique win-win business models for bank-branded and white label ATM deployment & management, customers can develop a reliable, cost effective and secured nation-wide ATM network.
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POS Services

We have a strong portfolio of POS services, which allows customers to easily pick and choose the desired services for meeting their business objectives. With POS deployment, management, transaction processing services, risk management and back-office reconciliation and settlement services, we provide customized solutions to financial institutions and its merchant customers.
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Emerging Payments Services

As a leader in the payments services space, our emerging payments services business unit focusses on offering ‘non cash” and innovative payments systems outside the traditional ATM and POS channels. Mobile POS, card management services and e-commerce based payments are the mainstay of this business unit.
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Banking Automation Products

Our banking automation products such as Cash Recycling Machines and Auto Passbook Entry Machines enable financial institutions to provide convenient services to its customers and at the same time offer operational efficiency and cost savings. Our technologically advanced products, combine hardware and software technologies, as well as high levels of information security to provide highly reliable products. Combined with end to end managed services our offerings are among the most comprehensive in the market.
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