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For a single retail merchant, the POS deployment is relatively simple. It is generally a dial up POS deployed at the merchant location and deployment will generally include the following processes

  • Pre Staging of the POS terminal and Merchant to Chennai
  • Delivery of the POS Terminal at the Merchant Establishment
  • Connecting it to the telecommunication line
  • Initiating start up connection service‚ and bringing the terminal online
  • Downloading of parameters
  • Training to the retailer / staff of the merchant establishment to the use of the terminal
  • Obtain sign off

In big–box retailers‚ retail chains and corporate merchant establishments the process can be more involved due to the fact that the retailer is integrated‚ has in–store infrastructure to which the POS needs to be integrated etc. In such cases there is an involved process of business definition and user requirements‚ development‚ testing and then go–live in a pilot store(s). Nation–wide deployment follows only when the pilot stores are stabilized.

We have deployed POS terminals in various merchant establishment scenarios and are explained below:

  • I–POS
  • E–POS
  • M–POS


I–POS or Integrated POS – in which our Projects Teams will interface the POS terminal into the retail POS environment of the store. For example big stores use Micros‚ Retalics etc. for store automation. For payment related services‚ these store automation systems need integration with the POS terminal, which we do. Over the years‚ we have worked with most of the industry standard store automation software available in India.


E–POS is also known in the market as PC–POS where a PC is used as a POS device


M POS is also known as mobile POS