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About Us

Our Projects Team, using the latest project management techniques can deploy an ATM in a shop‚ a retail mall to provide your bank the best brand visibility and your customer the utmost safety‚ security and convenience in providing ATM services. Using outsourced companies specialized in specific geographies‚ our project teams deliver an ATM centre its customer would be proud – within budget and timelines.

Key features include:

  • Prompt and professional ATM centre build out
  • Excellent representation of the Bank brand at the ATM Centre
  • Flexible formats of deployment‚ be it a shop, Portable Cabin, Kiosk, Mall Deployment or at Airport

In each of our deployed ATM site, we deploy a Video Surveillance System that will track the motion of each customer interaction in front of the ATM. This is a full-motion video with still video grabs that can be monitored from our Central Operations facility in Chennai and Gurgaon, India. In addition‚ data is stamped on still pictures that are grabbed and stored on the ATM during every transaction. This provides additional information during customer disputes and fraud analysis.