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  • SoftPOS Solution - Simplified payment acceptance through cutting edge technology
    Secure, convenient and cost-effective, SoftPOS simplifies payment acceptance for merchants, enabling more merchants to be part of the digital economy.
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  • SoftPOS - Making digital payment acceptance a seamless experience
    India is witnessing tremendous growth in the digital payments sphere and new-age payment technology like SoftPOS is revolutionising the way merchants accept payments.
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  • SBI Payments Case Study - Driving digital transactions through robust payment infrastructure
    See how Hitachi Payment Services is helping SBI Payments achieve the twin goals of driving merchant acceptance of digital payments and enabling masses to enjoy safe and speedy digital payments at multiple touchpoints.
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  • Innovative POS Payments
    Simplifying payment acceptance for merchants while offering a seamless payment experience for customers.
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  • Transforming urban commuting with Transit Payments
    Understand how the open-loop card-based ticketing service for metros provide efficient interoperability and is making digital payments more pervasive.
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