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Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Our in–country switch Postilion can drive POS devices of all makes available in the country that means all types of POS terminals are already connected to the Postilion Switch and the various modules work in consonance and provide retailer purchase and payment services. Currently we accommodate the following forms of connectivity - PSTN‚ CDMA‚ GPRS‚ Ethernet‚ Leased Line and MPLS circuits.

We support the standard POS transactions of Sale / Purchase‚ Void‚ Reversal‚ Authorization including pre–Auth‚ TIP adjustment‚ Settlement‚ Key Download and Cash@ POS. We also offer a host of Value–Added Services (VAS) which includes Mobile Recharge‚ Bill Payments‚ Voucher Disbursements and Funds Transfer.