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Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.

Rustom Irani

Rustom Irani
Managing Director

Sumil VikamseyAnuj Khosla
Chief Executive Officer – Digital Business

Sumil Vikamsey Sumil Vikamsey
Director – Finance & Human Resources

Jayant D'Mello Jayant D’Mello
Managing Director - International Business, Hitachi Payment Services Singapore

Sreekumar M Sreekumar. M
Director - Domestic Sales & Relationship Management

Rashmi R. Parekh Rashmi R. Parekh
Chief Financial Officer

Kavita Shrivastav Kavita Shrivastav
Director - Human Resources

Amit Shahani Amit Shahani
Director, Operations – Cash Business

Mahesh Patel Mahesh Patel
Director - Products & Digital Transformation

Santhosh Nair Santhosh Nair
Director - WLA Business,
Site Acquisition, Projects & Relationship Management

Gali Kishorebabu Gali Kishorebabu
Chief Technology Officer

Vivek Seshadri Vivek Seshadri
Director – Business Finance

Sudarshan K T

Sudarshan K T
Sr. Vice President – Digital Operations


Mizuho Watanabe

Mizuho Watanabe
Vice President - Finance