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About Us

A key channel for the bank‚ the ATM centre needs to project a clean‚ safe‚ secure and pleasing environment to its customer. This is ensured by our Channel Management Team. These teams are situated near the ATMs deployed / managed by the bank and are visited on a regular basis. The Channel Manager assigned to an ATM is responsible for:

  • The representation of the ATM brand at that centre (collateral‚ stickers‚ brochures etc.)
  • The cleanliness of the ATM centre through the appointment and management of housekeepers
  • The safety and usage of the site through the appointment and management of repairs and maintenance agencies

After the visit to the ATM (and assigning jobs to various agencies)‚ the Channel Manager visits the Branch Manager (BM) and keeps him/her informed of the status of the visit so that the BM is always updated on the condition of the site. Key areas include

  • Continuous monitoring of the ATM Centre
  • Safe and secure transacting environment
  • Single point of ownership for the ATM Centre
  • Continuous maintenance extends the life of the assets in the site