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Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Our state–of–the–art management centres are situated in Chennai and Gurgaon India. Both centres are equipped with the same technology and staff training and hence work as backups of each other in case of a disaster (called Business Continuity Plan). Our staff operates on a 24x7 basis and provide a high–touch customer service covering the following:

  • ATM Monitoring
  • Nation–wide Toll Free based Help Desk and Incident Management
  • Escalation Management and Customer Notification
  • Cash Monitoring‚ Forecasting and Replenishment Management
  • Reconciliation and Customer Dispute Management
  • Consumable Management
  • Site Environment and Management
  • Electronic Journal‚ Image Retrieval and Screen Distribution

Our central operations team (COPS) also manages the operations related to the POS business unit as well as co–ordinates the services of the second line maintenance teams. The COPS organizations can be reached through a nation–wide toll free number. The COPS staff uses high degree of automation in providing service to its customers. Most of the operations are automated and require minimal human interaction. This ensures that the issues managed by the COPS teams are treated swiftly and promptly. Key features include

  • 24x7 Multi–lingual support
  • Highly automated and use of tools and automation
  • SMS/Email escalation built into the resolution process
  • Can be reached through a nation–wide toll–free service