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Another key proposition of ours is an array of in–house built / partner tools for back–office management of transactions processed and managed by us on behalf of our customers. These include:

  • Reconciliation
  • Electronic Journal Pull and Screen Distribution
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Site Environment Management System


Our comprehensive and sophisticated ATM reconciliation service conducts end–to–end Transaction Reconciliation‚ Cash Reconciliation and Vault Reconciliation. The Reconciliation Service ensures that customer transactions acquired by our ATMs (or our customer’s ATMs) are in proof with the cash dispensed by the ATMs. Any discrepancies are picked the next day and customer accounts are debited or credited as the case might be. The Reconciliation Service also reconciles the cash in ATM against the General Ledger of the bank and the physical cash checked during regular cash audits. This ATM Balancing is perhaps the most definitive and comprehensive method in cash reconciliation.

Electronic Journal Pull & Screen Distribution

One of the components of ATM reconciliation is the Electronic Journal also known as EJ. This EJ is stored in the ATM and needs to be retrieved since it is a component of the reconciliation process. This is ”pulled” off the ATM using a central server command. After the command is issued (generally during low transacting periods of the ATM) the software collects the EJ from the ATM and stores it in a central server for processing.

The same software also performs the function of screen distribution to the ATM. Most banks wish to change ATM screens which are used for marketing or advertising. These can also be changed from a central location and can be scheduled to turn on predetermined times on specific ATMs.

Cash Forecasting

While the banks wish to provide reliable fast and prompt ATM services‚ they also want to do this in a cost effective manner. Cash withdrawals make up 70% of all ATM transactions and is the most popular customer transaction. The ATM hence should have sufficient cash. However when more cash is loaded on the ATM – this ”dead cash” serves no purpose to the bank and they lose interest on the cash in the ATM. Thus banks wish that service providers optimize the cash in the ATM Network – and this is what we do for our customers using a back–office tool for cash forecasting. Using patterns‚ experience‚ and basic knowledge of the ATM and its location‚ the tools predicts the amount of cash needed to be replenished by our appointed agencies.

Site Environment and Management System

Since most of the ATMs in India are not guarded – attended challenges emerge. At the very minimum the lights in the ATM centre and the signage lights need to be switched on and off at regular intervals. In the winter months use of the AC in the customer lobby will be redundant. These need to be done especially if there are no guards at the ATM or there are no individuals at the ATM centre.

This is achieved through our innovative Site Environment Management Systems – SEMS. SEMS is a hardware device installed in the ATM centre and is wired to control lobby lights‚ signage components‚ air–conditioners and un–interrupted power supply (UPS). From a central location these sensors can be viewed and business rules can be applied for efficient energy management at the remote ATM centre.