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Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Our POS business unit controls the POS transactions through a sophisticated set of back–office tools that address the following functions of the POS business cycle:

  • Payment and Settlement
  • Merchant Reconciliation and Dispute Management
  • Fraud and Risk Management

Payment and Settlement

At the End of Day‚ the Post Office system of the Postilion Switch generates the Payment File which is sent to the bank for settlement of the merchant account. Simultaneously the Issuer Files are also prepared and staged on the EAS/MIP/Host Link so that payment can be received from the issuers for goods purchased via our POS devices. All suspect transactions are kept on HOLD for PAYMENT on the payment file and only genuine transactions are processed for payment.

Merchant Reconciliation and Dispute Management

We have an elaborate system to manage the Charge Back and the Receipt Retrieval process or the RR/CB process.

Fraud and Risk Management

The Fraud and Risk System is developed in-house and hence the capabilities are in-house to provide changes and modifications of this system. The system focuses on 3 main areas i.e. Online, Offline and Anomaly reporting. Each of them have defined rules and suggested behaviour / output.