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About Us

The output of the Analytics process is a Site Indent which is used to identify sites. We use our own staff, who are complemented with an identified set of real estate brokers that walk the street and find sites closest to the ones identified in the site indent. These could be ATM shops‚ Malls‚ co–located shops and locations of high footfalls like railway stations‚ markets etc.

The ATM Site identification team works with brokers and landlords to identify suitable sites‚ conduct due diligence and post negotiations put the site up for management approval. Given the huge number of sites we deal with‚ we use an in–house web–based tool for tracking, obtaining approvals remotely and processing the site completely electronically.

  • Non-competitive sourcing of sites due to segregation of site indents
  • Ready inventory of available ATM sites
  • Availability of retail mall locations like Future Group‚ Reliance Fresh etc. for ATM deployment
  • Independent legal due diligence / report per site ensures error free ATM deployment