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About Us

We can provide terminal/ATM Driving and Switching through an in–country Financial Transaction Switch called Postilion from ACI, USA. Postilion is PCI–DSS compliant by design and is deployed on a Stratus fault–tolerant server providing 99.999% availability. Deployed in a Tier 3 Data Centre equipped with redundant power and telecommunication backup facility‚ we can guarantee uninterrupted ATM services for our customers.

The Postilion Switch is deployed internationally for some of the leading banks and retailers world–wide.
The same infrastructure is deployed in India for our customers. We have access to the Software Development Tool Kits (SDKs) through which we can develop interfaces to our customers core banking systems as well as other operational systems. The Postilion Switch has been benchmarked to over 1‚300 transactions per second (tps) thereby ensuring its scalability for very large ATM networks. Key features include:

  • Can drive all popular ATM message interfaces like NDC‚ DDC‚ Aptra‚ XFS etc.
  • Open Systems architecture developed around Windows allows ISO–8583 interfaces to external systems.
  • PCI–DSS‚ 3DES‚ Dynamic and Static Key Management and use of Futurex, Thales and Racal Hardware Security Module (HSM) provides international level of security and data management.
  • Efficient transaction switching and transaction management capability means the Postilion Switch can be connected to various gateways for issuer and acquirer processing.
  • Availability and expertise of the SDKs ensures local development capability of interfacing our ATM switch to various CBSs and operational systems.