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Banking Automation Products

ATM software plays a critical role in ATM operations. Our ATM software platforms are vendor agnostic, easily scalable and also highly customisable providing better control over your ATM channel while enhancing ATM efficiency.

Our centralised file exchange service helps in timely dispute management and maintaining compliance, while our comprehensive end point security solution for ATMs provides complete security from any kind of attack without affecting its normal working.

Our ATM Software Solutions include:

  • PRIMA a remote infrastructure management application that allows screen distribution, electronic journal management & efficient ATM / CRM management.
  • HIPA an end-point security solution for ATMs/ CRMs provides complete protection against virus/ malware, prevents zero day attack and enables data protection.
  • H-Secure is a solution that prevents unauthorised cash dispensing based on internal controls to secure peripheral devices.
  • DynoTAP provides additional security for the ATM / CRM by centrally controlling the admin password, which is dynamically generated ensuring secure access.