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SoftPOS: Enabling Digital Payments using an App

India is witnessing tremendous growth in the digital payments sphere. The launch of UPI, contactless cards, wallets, and more have enabled customers to transact cashless while bringing new merchants into the digital fold. The volume of digital payments in India has increased by 33% Year-on-Year (YoY) during FY 2021-2022 and a total of 7,422 crore digital transactions were recorded during this period.*

The digital payment revolution has not just changed the way people transact but has also furthered the cause of financial inclusion. As a result, the usage of digital payment modes in the country has grown significantly. This is largely driven by increased penetration of smartphones and the growth of internet. With the passage of time, consumer behaviour has also transformed.

The past decade has seen Point of Sale (POS) solutions gain momentum. A POS system is one of the most effective and efficient ways of propelling a business. From Traditional POS, Mobile POS, Integrated POS, and now SoftPOS– this technology has evolved over the years, and how.

New-age Payment Technology at Merchants’ Fingertips

The SoftPOS solution enables merchants to accept payments via their smartphones, empowering banks and merchant aggregators to roll-out digital payment services to more merchants faster and in a more cost efficient manner. An innovative solution, in the form of an app, SoftPOS aims to be an integral part of a merchant’s digital payments journey while enabling seamless payment acceptance for merchants. Secure, easy to use and flexible, this solution offers an increased level of convenience and can further drive merchant acceptance of digital payments.

It offers a host of payment options, including:

  • Tap on mobile: One can simply tap the card on the merchant smartphone to pay
  • Pin on glass: Payments can be accepted by using an external card reader and entering the PIN on the merchant smartphone
  • Bharat QR: Enabling payments by scanning QR code
  • Link-based payments: Send WhatsApp, SMS, or email with payment links to accept payments

As a leading digital payment solutions provider, Hitachi Payment Services has extensive expertise in digital payment technologies and offers a wide range of digital payment solutions, including the innovative SoftPOS solution.

With a user-friendly interface, Hitachi Payment Services’ state-of-the-art SoftPOS solution offers various payment options and enables merchants to provide a simplified, swift, and seamless payment experience to their customers. A feature-rich offering in the truest sense, it is highly flexible, scalable and extremely secure. Helping businesses of all sizes to grow, our SoftPOS solution enables merchants to accept payments seamlessly while driving operational efficiency.